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"Cycle Without Limits" Bike Camp

We launched our first full fleet of bikes at a successful "Cycle Without Limits" Bike/Swim Camp at Sonoma State University in June 2012.  Thank you to our superior support from Walt Custer, our mechanic and Penny Nichols, our floor director.  A special thanks to Dennis Blong - the architect who designed and built the fleet. 

Our new design uses air cylinders to gently cushion the rider while keeping the rider safely upright.  As the rider's skill develops over the course of the camp, we gradually reduce the air pressure until the rider is riding on his/her own.  Our bike mechanic and floor director make the necessary adjustments and guide the riders as they progress.  Each rider has a 1:1, sometimes 2:1 camp counselor who is at his/her side while on the bike and can make any necessary adjustments to the air pressure as they gain confidence riding around the Sonoma State University gymnasium.

Dawn Baskin, has been a camp counselor at the UCP of the North Bay bike camp for several years and was looking forward to working with the new bikes.  Dawn is a Bilingual Kindergarten and Adapted PE Teacher.  She also has credentials in Art, Montessori and Spanish.  Dawn is seen in the photo below walking alongside Viktor as he gains confidence on the bike.  "I have participated in the bike camps for years.  I absolutely LOVE these new bikes!!.  I find it much easier to 'read the bikes' and get feedack as to how the kids are learning."  Dawn goes on to say, "I love that I can instantly adapt the bike to the child's needs.  For example, when the child gets fatigued or needs a little more support with say, the left turns,  I can provide that by simply adjusting the bike.  It's so much faster, so the kids have a lot more time to ride. I also love that the new bikes really look more like regular two wheelers, not too different than their siblings' bike." 


"Cycle Without Limits" Winter/Spring Bike Camp is a 4-5 day camp held annually over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Weekend @ Sonoma State University. 

"Cycle Without Limits" Summer Bike/Swim Camp is a 5-day camp held every June @ Sonoma State University. This camp includes swimming and outdoor play.

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Arianna learned to ride at the January Winter Bike Camp 2012.  She now enjoys riding with her friends and family.

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