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2011 National Awards

United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay received two awards at the UCP National Conference held in New Orleans.  The awards ceremony was held on the last day of the conference on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.  Both awards were presented by the UCP National Celebrity Ambassador, Cheryl Hines.


2011 "Ritter Legacy Award"

United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay received the John Ritter Legacy Award at the UCP National Conference in New Orleans on April 12, 2011.  Margaret Farman, Executive Director and Ann Elias, Project Manager accepted the award.

This award was presented to UCP of the North Bay for their website, Facebook page, and $1,000 Donor Club packet program, which includes DVDs, newsletters and brochures.  These marketing materials are used to raise funds for their programs, with particular focus on their recreation activities for children and adults with disabilities. They’re also used to raise awareness of UCP and create a positive impression of the organization and its work; and finally, to build a strong community of current and future supporters.  UCP of the North Bay has created programs which exemplify successful methods to further advocacy and reach fundraising goals.

2011 "Employer of the Year Award"

The UCP Gone for Good consortium won the Employer of the Year Award made up of UCP of Land of Lincoln, UCP of Greater Birmingham, UCP of Arkansas and UCP of the North Bay.  Brenda Yarnell, Dr. Gary Edwards, Larry Stang and Margaret Farman accepted the award. 

The Employer of the Year Award is given to a business that has made an outstanding contribution to employing people with disabilities or who has provided programs leading to employment and has created a better working environment for people with disabilities.

  • GFG Awards

Margaret Farman with the Gone For Good Consortium - winners of the UCP National Employer of the Year Award.

    • Ann at conference
    • Margaret, Ann, Cheryl Hines

UCP of the North Bay winners of the Ritter Legacy Award.  Ann Elias accepting award (top photo). Ann Elias and Margaret Farman with actress Cheryl Hines, UCP Celebrity Ambassador (bottom photo).